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I can help you create a healthy, equitable, and thriving workplace environment through a method of organizational transformation I created: the LACE-Hearted Way.

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The LACE-Hearted Way’s cornerstone is an unapologetic commitment to LOVE. In the workplace, love means a genuine drive to nurture and develop the growth of self and others.  The quality of our love shapes our ability to resolve any conflict, co-create effective opportunities, and implement healthy, world-changing solutions.

When Love is your North Star, you are more Authentic, Courageous and Empathetic (L.A.C.E.), which inspires personal and organizational transformation in others. Together, we will explore your priorities and choose the paths/tools that empower you to make lasting and impactful change for your team and organization.

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

Paulo Coelho,

Brazilian novelist and author of “The Alchemist”



Leadership Coaching and Guidance

Are you seeking to spark reflection, growth and healthy-achievement throughout your organization?

We partner with you to engage your team and achieve your desired outcomes.”

Consulting in Higher Education

Do you want to enhance equity, plus collaboration, to fuel organizational effectiveness?

We partner with you to cultivate a commitment to equity that is deeply rooted in organizational processes and outcomes.


Meet Dr. Yvette
M. Alex-Assensoh

I balance my deep appreciation for values with a commitment to  evidence-based practices. The rigors of earning a  Ph.D. in Political Science and JD, with honors,  ensure my methods and recommendations are grounded in research, law, and policy. 

For over 30  years, I’ve applied aspects of the LACE-Hearted  approach and evidence-based practices in higher education as a Professor, Dean, Non-Profit Board Member and currently, as a Vice President of Equity and Inclusion. With LACE, we inspire effective individuals, teams and organizations that are healthy from the inside out.

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