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About Dr. Yvette
M. Alex-Assensoh

Vice President for Equity & Inclusion
at University of Oregon

My parents and extended family set the expectation that my purpose in life  is to make the world a better place. The great emphasis they placed on love and learning propelled me through the process of earning  my Ph.D. in Political Science, followed by  my JD, with honors. Love and continuous learning furthered the foundation that drives my success as a professor, researcher and leader in Higher Education because it actually increases my capacity to inspire and achieve.

Growing up during the era of America’s racial school desegregation allowed me to witness first-hand the power that individuals  and seemingly neutral policies had in either promoting fairness or inequity. I witnessed both helpful and harmful behaviors. I experienced the power of love and equity to transform people and unhealthy environments.

An overview
of Yvette's

With a rich and diverse background,
she brings impactful expertise to the table.

As a tenured Professor of Political Science and Adjunct Law Professor,

I have felt honored to inspire undergraduate, graduate and professional students to reimagine what is possible, and to use their education to build bridges that can guide future generations.

As a leading voice for love and equity in higher education,

I continue to provide leadership, inspiration and structure to ensure that all voices are welcome at the decision-making table. With diverse communities and perspectives, we marshal resources to build equity and inclusion in recruitment, retention, student success and philanthropy. 

In order to build a better world, I have valued contributing beyond the university through K-12 educational institutions, diverse communities of faith and a range of non-profit entities in the United States and beyond.

As an elected member of the Board of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE)

the premier organization for diversity officers, I have the honor of helping universities shape professional developmental tools that enhance fairness and access.

As an author, grounded in scholarly research,

my mission is to reach a broad audience to arm them with knowledge and tools to help in making their world more equitable.  I have won competitive research awards, secured national funding for research projects, and served as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Zagreb in Croatia in Eastern Europe.

As I reflect on my beginnings in a small Louisiana town, I am delighted that my parents inspired me to dream big. Marking 30 years of  marriage in May of 2024 and as the mother of two young adult sons, my husband and I are honored to pass on our encouragement for them to dream big too. Furthermore, I’m realizing my goal of helping people and institutions to build  foundations for lasting change and progress.

Explore a selection of her writings below:

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