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Higher Education



As a President, Vice President, Dean, CEO, or Executive Director, do you want to:




Enhance equity and collaboration to fuel organizational effectiveness?

Have teams that are known for productively engaging love,
authenticity, courage and empathy in their daily work?

Leave a lasting mark on your organization and the world?

Yvette’s Approach to
DEI Consulting 
in Higher Education

My approach includes coaching, applied research and strategic planning to enhance personal achievement and organizational health. My LACE approach includes the following:


  • Diagnosis: I’m distinctive in including a coaching approach in addition to the traditional formal assessments,  with empirical data, to make recommendations. We often begin by developing a common understanding

  • Co-Create Actions And Consensus: I’ll introduce you to alternative evidence-based models. Together, we’ll select the best change-management approach to achieve your priorities. Then we’ll design a communication plan and a customized strategy for building support that will galvanize your team.

  • Embed Action Into Organizational Processes: We’ll specify - your day-to-day action plans for your chosen outcomes to take root and you’ll flourish.

  • Inspire Ongoing Learning and Organizational Health: You’ll receive customized tools and resources to inspire ongoing development and health for your organization. 

Together, we co-create fair and inclusive solutions that work for your entire team.


Ready to make an impact?

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